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윤호야~! Yunhoyah!
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The community for DBSK's bandleader UKNOW Jung Yunho!
You've stumbled over the official livejournal community for UKNOW / Jung Yunho, bandleader and appa of the korean acapella & dancegroup Dong Bang Shin Gi. Feel free to share your thoughts about him here, post media like images, icons, graphics of any kind, information, videos, whatever your heart desired. Also please feel free to introduce yourself. This is not a community for all members of DBSK though. You know where to find that one at. Besides that, hopefully you enjoy your stay here!
For a community with a respectable number of members there have to be certain rules. Not following these, you will receive a warning from the moderator, the next time you will be banned.
↘ Be a fan or/and admirer of Jung Yunho, respect his work and his talent. No rumors & hatespeech are allowed here.
↘ Treat each othert nicely and respectfully on this community. No bashing, no flaming and all those kinds of things.
↘ Please keep your personal life and personal rants out of here. We'd like to stay on topic.
CREDIT. Whatever you take anybody around here made, credit them for their work. Otherwise it's only stealing.
↘ All posts besides information/introduction/or posts with questions have to be friends locked!
↘ Post all pictures under an lj-cut!
↘ Advertizing is allowed as long as it's related to Jung Yunho.

↘ If there are any questions left open, issues you need to have discussed or just want to meet a fellow soul,
Silene, nachtgrau (former xsangekix is your admin and mod. You can contact her at: AIM: morbid EROTIC @: kogurai @ GMAIL . COM
If you are new to this fandom and actually want to find out more about this amazing man, we're also here to provide you with some brief information about him, rest to be found on the community.
↘ His stagename is YUNHO, though his real name is Jung Yunho (정윤호)
↘ Yunho was born 6th February 1986 in Jeonrado Gwangju-do, South Korea
↘ He's around 184cm, weight 66kg and is A blood type
↘ His family consist of his father, mother and younger sister JiHye
↘ His part in Dong Bang Shin Gi is bandleader, appa, main-dancer and bass-vocal
↘ He is a christian catholic
↘ Basketball is one of his favorite sports and he did Hapkido for years when he was younger

↘ He is a kind and warm person, who though also has his mistakes. Fans tend to call him angel. He tends to be a perfectionist, trying to be perfect himself and making his bandmembers appear flawless... what as well includes a lot of criticism and many hours spent with practise. Also he is a righteous guy who will stand up straight for his ideals, as well as his opinion.
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